Erin Boilersuit

Erin Boilersuit

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Our Erin Boilersuit is ethically made from 100% hand dyed denim cotton with lovely white over stitching. It's our take on workwear for women!

Fits true to size. Model is 5'7, size 8 and wears a small.

SIZING: XS: 6-8, S: 8-10, M: 10-12, L: 12-14.

Care/washing instructions: This jumpsuit has been hand dyed. So much like raw denim it will slowly fade over time. To help with this, wash it only when necessary on a cold, gentle cycle or at 30 degrees. The more regularly it's washed the lighter the jumpsuit will become. Be careful of wearing it with white garments at first, as the dye may rub off a little.

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