It’s time for another MMP, where we look at the different areas of our consumption of fashion and see how we can make it just that touch more sustainable ✨because we all like to do good whilst looking good! This month we are going to be focusing on renting! What is it? Why would you rent an outfit? How does renting help lower your fashion’s impact on the planet? These questions will be answered shortly…


Something to note:

You may have seen or heard of an article published by The Guardian in July 2021 which caused a lot of stir amongst the sustainable fashion community as it was titled: ‘Renting Clothes is less green than throwing them away.” This damaging and misleading headline doesn’t make it clear that they only focused on renting platforms which buy stock from brands and not peer-to-peer programmes. Throughout this blog we will be speaking about peer-to-peer rental platforms and those which have a strong sustainable and environmentally aware approach to their business. Renting your clothing will not solve the climate crisis or drastically lower the impact fashion has on the environment- this needs to be done at a government level. But at an individual level, renting items is a start at changing your mindset towards how you consume fashion, use your clothing, and discard those items.


What is Fashion rental?

Fashion rental is the process of hiring an item of clothing for a specific period of time, usually for an event. Depending on the rental platform, you can hire items from other people’s wardrobes or straight from the rental platform which already stock the brand! Renting isn’t just for special occasion items but also everyday looks.



Why would I rent my outfit?

If you are new to the idea of renting it is understandable that you would be asking yourself, “why would I rent when I could just buy it?”. Here, we’ve listed some of the reasons why renting is a great and responsible approach:
  1. It’s a great alternative to buying an item for a special event that you don’t see yourself wearing very much any other day of the year! Renting your outfit can mean looking amaze on the day and sending it back after to be loved by the next person!
  2. It can be cheaper than buying an item (Depending on the platform and the item you are renting)
  3. If you are someone who likes to switch up their look often, you can rent items such as bags, shoes, coats, jumpers… the list goes on! Switch up your style in a guilt-free way- instead of buying an item just to feed a temporary fashion fancy, rent it and then let it go to the next person when you are done with it!



How does renting help lower my fashion’s impact on the planet?

  1. Peer-to-peer rental platforms such as Hirestreet and Rotaro are a great place to rent from as you are literally renting from someone else’s wardrobe or straight from the brand! You can even upload your own items! This is great for the planet as it means instead of buying new, you are wearing items that already exist.

  2. Another great reason to rent items for special events is that most occasion wear we buy ends up in the back of our wardrobes or in landfill due to the fact it’s not an item we can wear every day. Renting is a responsible solution to this as it means after you’ve worn it once, it can be sent on to the next person (obviously washed first by the rental platform)! This extends the lifecycle of a garment, helps reach its minimum of 30 wears and stops it going to landfill!




Try renting your outfit for the next big occasion where you would’ve usually bought something new only to wear it once! Loads of babes have hailed how amazing renting is so go check it out! Here are some great rental platforms: