And just like that… Christmas is over and we’ve rung in the new year! It’s the start of January and many of us have only just recovered from our hangovers. It’s time to get off the sofa and start packing up the decorations, and that’s when you see it: all this waste?! During the festive period our waste increases by 30%, compared to the rest of the year. We want to share with you a few ways you can make you post-christmas waste disposal a little more planet friendly!



You’re stuffed to the brim- but you still have a mountain of left overs in the fridge?

Approximately 66% of people admit to buying too much Christmas food, that all ends up in the bin. Food waste is the issue after the festive period: 42 million dishes of Christmas food, 263000 turkeys and two million kilograms of cheese are thrown away in the UK every year. To tackle this, why not try packing your food into containers as meals for lunch or future dinners! You can also freeze your leftovers to make them last a few months extra.

Every year, 7.5 million mince pies are thrown away- why not try donating your unopened Christmas food to local food banks in your area? There are roughly 8.4 million people living in the UK struggling to afford to eat, so why not spread some Crimbo cheer and donate unopened food instead of throwing it away.



The UK spends £700 million on unwanted presents and of every purchase made fr Christmas in the UK, only 1% will still be used 6 months after being bought. Making a list before you start your gift shopping will help you choose carefully what you want to buy each person and not result in impulse buying or over spending! Having a carefully curated list will also help you feel less overwhelmed when shopping, meaning you have more time to sit down and source your gifts from sustainable brands and small businesses.

I am sure we have all received a well-meant but unwanted present, it’s inevitable! Why not think of someone else you know who might like the item and re-gift it. You can also donate or sell on!

During the holiday season, Royal Mail send out over 150 million cards across the UK, most of which end up in the bin! Plan a crafty afternoon and make the cards you have received into gift tags for next Christmas as a fun and creative way to reuse!



Many UK councils are rejecting anything containing glitter. Opt for buying cards/wrapping paper/decorations etc. with either eco-glitter or no glitter at all.

A great way to thickly check if your wrapping paper is recyclable is to do the scrunch test. Not all types of wrapping paper can be recycled! Scrunch the wrapping paper in your hand and if the paper stays scrunched it is recyclable, if it springs back it probably has a plastic film covering which is a recycling no no.

Off setting your impact


A fun and easy way to off set your impact over Christmas and every day of the year is by using apps that plant trees! TREEAPP is a great and easy way of planting trees all around the world- check them out!