Welcome to Me, Myself and the Planet, a monthly blog that will hopefully help and inspire you to live a more sustainable life!

As a sustainable fashion brand, we are very aware of the impact Fashion has on the planet and climate change, but what about the other areas of our life? Our hope is that MMP will help you think about living a more planet friendly life and become a climate activist in your own way. We want to share with you tips and tricks on living sustainably as well as keeping you updated with our team’s own journey!  At the end of each MMP we will be setting small and achievable targets to help you start your sustainable journey.

At Ilk+Ernie we are strong believers in that everyone has their own personal journey when it comes to living a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle, this means that we don’t ever judge anyone else’s level of commitment to the planet. We and you don’t know what anyone else’s situations are and there’s no place for judgement here. We are also in no way claiming to be experts on the topic of climate change, this little blog is just a space where we can hopefully share some ideas and tips on how we can each help lower our impact on the environment. 

How can I start lowering my impact on the environment? 

The most sustainable action you can take is use what you already have! Easy right? This means using your products until they have finished, shopping your own wardrobe, fixing items when they break… I think you get the picture! Using what you already have is sustainable because it means you aren’t consuming things you don’t need, and you are taking the time to look after what you already own- those items stay out of landfill for longer!

An example of using what you have is: let’s say a part of your hairdryer breaks, instead of buying a new one, you go out and buy some glue (you may already have some but if you need to buy some this can be used to fix other things!) and… fix it! Voila! Good as new. And you’ve saved yourself money by not buying a new one AND saved that hairdryer from going to landfill! If your hairdryer breaks and you need a bit more than some glue, why not try popping to your local electric shop and asking them or watching some videos on YouTube and getting your D.I.Y on!

Another example is if some of your clothes have holes, broken zips or simply don’t fit you anymore- why not find a local seamstress/seamster and help support a small business! They will fix you items up for you in no time! You’ll have saved yourself money by not having to buy new and your items will feel good as new again.

Let's round this up!

So that’s the first instalment of MMP- short and sweet! We hope that this first step into living a more mindful and sustainable life has shown you that it doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming and it certainly doesn’t mean you have to throw out all your plastic products and buy zero-waste all in one go. Living sustainably means taking small and achievable steps, at your own pace, so that you can implement these ways into your everyday life!

Target time!

So the target for this month is to try and use what you have as often as you can! Fix that item/items you’ve been meaning to fix, take your own lunch to work so you don’t have to buy a meal deal, take your reusable coffee cup and bottle out with you, finish your products till the very last drop before buying a new one!

Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up if you forget your reusable coffee cup for a few days or throw away something you can’t fix. This is the start of your journey, and it is going to be hard and maybe frustrating sometimes but remember that you are doing the best you can and just by fixing a few items and using what you have as much as possible makes a big impact, even if it feels like a small action. You can do it! We believe in you!  


Good luck huns and let us know how you get on, see you next month!