Angler Box Jacket

Angler Box Jacket

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Our Angler Box Jacket is ethically made from 100% hand died linen. It has a lovely boxy fit, square front pockets, bell sleeves and cute coconut buttons.

Length - 22 inch
Shoulder- 17 inch
Chest - 21 inch
Sleeve Length - 21.5 inch

Length - 23 inch
Shoulder - 17.5 inch
Chest - 22 inch
Sleeve length - 22 inch

Length - 23.5 inch
Shoulder - 18 inch
Chest - 23.5 inch
Sleeve length - 22.5 inch

Care/washing instructions: This jacket has been hand dyed. Because of the processes used with this, it can fade a little over time. To help, wash it only when necessary on a cold, gentle cycle or at 30 degrees. Be careful of wearing it with white garments at first, as the dye may rub off a little.

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