Sustainable, ethical fashion. For those that want to look good, whilst doing good for the planet.

We use surplus fabric. This is essentially fabric left over from other fashion brands supply chains. Every season, we purchase, recycle and re-use these fabrics by taking them off the street and turning them into the clothes you see on our website! Saving on greenhouse emissions and millions of litres of water used to produce fabrics worldwide every year. So not only are our garments COOL, they're conscious!

Beautiful, sustainable, ethical style

I am obsessed with Ilk + Ernies ethical, sustainable jumpsuits and I now have a beautiful addition to add to my collection. I love that it's also made from gorgeous sustainable, surplus cotton!

My new favourite suit

I have so many ideas of how I can match it with my wardrobe. The fit is perfect and the measurements accurate so the size I ordered is perfect as well. Loving the fact that I can wear this piece without worrying of where it came from and in which condition it was made. 

Gorgeous and kind costumer service.

A silly error on my part was met with a supremely helpful individual/s keen to help me out! So appreciated! And the outfit is a dream. Thank you.


Who Made Your Clothes?

All of our collections are ethically made by a talented team of men and women in Delhi, India. They receive all of the amazing treatment that a lot of us take for granted: fair wages, holiday pay, health insurance, safe working environments and EU standard working hours. 

This is Sam, AKA boss man. His father Sanjay opened their factory 30 years ago. Sam and him have been partners for 15 years. A few years ago Sanjay decided to semi-retire, leaving Sam in charge of the runnings of the factory. Don't tell him we said this, but he works his ass off ❤️. We appreciate him A LOT.

Read more about our team here.