About us

Based in Brighton, ILK + ERNIE create quality, comfortable and sustainable clothes. Our vision is to see every woman wearing clothes that not only turn heads but have a positive impact on the environment as well. 

For generations of women that live in a society that want to pit women against each other, we see it as our job to resist that tyranny. We are for spirited, free thinking females. Our collections are there to empower you, to ignite your confidence of self and to bring as many glorious female souls together as possible. We are passionate about girl power and invite you to join us on our mission. 

We are fashion forward, without compromising on ethics.

If there’s anything we’re learning in the news at the moment, it’s that fast fashion is one of the most harmful industries affecting our planet.  Larger fashion corporations throw away huge quantities of fabric every season. This fabric is considered dead stock, waste fabric, that if not bought by little brands like Ilk + Ernie, would soon end up in landfills.

Every season, we travel to India and spend weeks trawling the markets where these fabrics are cast off. We purchase, recycle and re-use these disposed fabrics by taking them off the street and turning them into the clothes you see on our website! Our method of doing things also means that we don’t produce fabric, saving on greenhouse emissions and the millions of litres of water used to produce fabrics worldwide every year. 

We not only want to reduce waste with the fabric we use, but in our factory's supply chain as well. Once a year, left over samples and unused garments from all the brands working with our factory are collected and distributed to homeless children in Delhi. 

All of our collections are designed in-house and ethically made by a talented team of men and women in Delhi, India. They receive all of the amazing treatment that a lot of us take for granted: fair wages, holiday pay, health insurance, safe working environments and EU standard working hours. 

Sam our factory owner has worked tirelessly to achieve these ethical standards through out his factory, so much so that he is now officially Sedex certified, meaning his factory is recognised worldwide as doing things ethically - which is pretty cool!

Meet our heads of departments

This is Sam, AKA boss man. His father Sanjay opened their factory 30 years ago. Sam and him have been partners for 15 years. A few years ago Sanjay decided to semi-retire, leaving Sam in charge of the runnings of the factory. Don't tell him we said this, but he works his ass off ❤️. We appreciate him A LOT.



Meet our Master Ji Javed. He has the most important role in our factory. The Master Ji is the factories head tailor. Javed oversees the pattern cutting, sizing and fit of every single one of our designs. He's a bloody wizard and we'd be lost without him.


This is Prabhu he's the factories accountant, which is probably more of an important role to Sam than us, but we like him because he's got a fantastic smile.


We're super proud to also have women heading the departments in our factory (which can be a rarity in India!). Meet Samita our head merchandiser, she holds her own amongst all the men, we're big fans.


Finally meet Rohit (right) and Nafees (left). Rohit is the head of quality control. That's right, if there's a missing button, dodgy zip or wonky seam, he'll know about it. Nafees is head of sourcing, you'll often find him by our side, battling the crowded streets of Delhi looking for the best surplus fabric we can find!

If you fancy a chat or want to know more about our little business, we are an open book! Drop us an email, we'd love to hear from you - info@ilkandernie.com