The reality of hot house Britain is about far more than insufferable heat.

Just three years ago the met office mocked up a weather forecast for 2050 showing temperatures of 40C+ across the UK. But the speed of climate breakdown is happening so fast that this future is already upon us. this is just the beginning.

what role does climate change play?

In the decades ahead, summers are set to get ever hotter and last longer, overwhelming the other seasons. This will also cause storms and floods We will witness people fleeing cities to escape the heat-island effect that will transform them into unbearable saunas.

Unfortunately hothouse Britain is about far more than insufferable heat. Progressive climate breakdown will affect everyone and insinuate itself into every aspect of our lives.

What are the effects of the climate crisis?

  • transport and energy infrastructure will be heavily disrupted.

  • health and wellbeing services will buckle.

  • new diseases will be witnessed

  • explosion in mental health problems.

  • A confluence of drought, torrential rains, flooding and new pests affecting crops.

  • Climate wars affecting supplies from overseas.

  • River flooding on a biblical scale and severe rise in sea levels.

The brutal truth is that dodging dangerous, all-pervasive , climate breakdown is now practically impossible. Hothouse Britain is now a reality, but the sooner we face this fact, the better.