On september 13th, Mahsa Amini a 22 year old Kurdish woman, was apprehended by the morality police in Iran and ended up dying while in custody. Protests have been ongoing ever since and over 200 people are reported to have been killed.

Journalists, activists, writers and students are among those being arrested for their dissenting opinions however, Iran is in the grip of what may be its most serious domestic and foreign crises since the establishment of the Islamic Republic.

Under islamic rule, women are expected to dress modestly, however what the killing of Mahsa Amini has exposed, is a state that is using its political power to sanction the autonomy of Iranian women to a deathly degree.

The unprecedented protests that have rocked more than 100 cities since mid-September have now challenged the legitimacy of regime’s rule and have illustrated the reality that this is much more than a protest against face coverings. This is a fight against patriarchal power over women's autonomy and misogynist control. This is a fight against political repression and pervasive corruption.


What can you do to help:

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1. If you are participating in any form of online activism, remember to maintain your safety and those of protestors unable to exercise their freedom of speech free from repercussions.

"Can the Subaltern Speak" Book

2. Broaden your intersectional perspective and decolonise your knowledge.

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3. Amplify and uplift the voices of the oppressed. Support community activists and organisers. Donate, sign petitions and contact your MP/ state officials. (infographic cred: @ginamartin)


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