As we say goodbye to 2021 and enter the new year we're faced with the encouragement to focus on self-reflection. This means you're probably spending some time overthinking too. For some, this may be on achievement and hope. For others, it can come with a healthy dose of dread and disappointment. 



After close to two years of being dragged through a national pandemic, it's safe to say you likely feel it may have changed (or dare I say ruined) how you expected things to pan out; whether this be health, career or lifestyle.

There is most definitely something disheartening about the start of the year being tainted with the reality of covid. Perhaps you hoped things would be returning to some sort of normal, yet the arrival of omicron has seen many of us already cancelling plans.

With all things combined it can be hard to stay positive, but try not to be too hard on yourself. If you're struggling to start off the year on a good note, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Simple steps for a more positive new year:

It’s OK to feel disappointed.

In recent years instagram has become big on promoting gratitude practices. This can make it easy to feel guilty for not being grateful enough. Granted it can be helpful to stop to appreciate all we have, but you don't have to dismiss your experiences or feel bad about not finding the silver lining of the impact covid has made on your life.

Take care of yourself

When trying to remain positive it’s so important that you make time for you.  Developing your own self care plan can be a great place to start; whether that be dedicating time to your friends, decluttering your living space, taking a break from social media or reading more books. Nurturing yourself can make ALL the difference.

Set realistic goals 

New years resolutions can be a great way to motivate yourself but if you set your expectations too high the pressure can be a lot. We often set the bar with hoping for drastic life changes, but remember they can be as simple as learning a new skill or taking up a hobby. Make sure to recognise your accomplishments - however small they might feel.

Need some support?

Community is so very important to us and we care about all of you - our DM's are always open. If any of you are having a particularly hard time we encourage you to seek the support you need, whether that be from a friend or charity. Here are a few of many wonderful resources you can access:

Mind Charity: