Black Friday and ethical consumerism

With the arrival of November comes a thread of email advertisements, instagram posts and website banners promoting the 29th, for the nationwide occasion of black Friday. It can be difficult to see past the excitement of being offered huge discounts on already surprisingly cheap clothes; allowing you to shop garments at next to nothing...

The problem with black Friday

The issue that black Friday brings with it is the encouragement it gives consumers to shop trend based fast fashion pieces that they'll likely only wear once or twice. This feeds the overproduction crisis that contributes hugely to climate change and the exploitation of garments workers..

'Fast fashion is killing the planet with the clothes industry producing 92 million tonnes of waste and consuming 1.5 trillion tonnes of water a year — and British shoppers are the most wasteful' 

How to do black Friday sustainably 

The good news is, this reality doesn't mean you can't buy new clothes, in-fact it doesn't mean you can't shop sale either. It's all about how and where you do it! We've put together an easy guide to help you make greener choices this black Friday.



When shopping for new clothes try to opt for high quality wardrobe staples. Sure these might cost a little more but they'll also last a whole load longer and you'll get plenty more wear out of these practical pieces! It's also helpful to follow timeless trends as opposed to impulsively shopping new seasonal ones. This eliminates the likelihood of just wearing your purchase once or twice. 



Before you make a purchase take a moment to evaluate the brand you're buying from. Considering where they source their fabrics, who made the clothes and whether there's a more sustainable alternative is a good place to start. 



It's also important to look out for greenwashing! Fashion brands that genuinely make a positive impact on the environment will be transparent about their supply chain, if a brand is failing to share all of the information...they've probably something to hide.



When shopping with independent brands your purchase supports someone who really needs the help. You'll make a positive impact on their little business as well as the environment.



Use this time to influence others! Show your support to sustainable businesses on social media and advise your mates. We can ALL make a difference!


Where to shop sustainably on black Friday?

If you need a little help with finding some trusted fashion labels you can shop with this black Friday, check out our blog here for 5 sustainable brands to start with.