What you need to know about abortion rights since the US court overruled protection for abortion.

Roe V. Wade was the 1973 federal ruling to protect a person's right to choose abortion. On the 22nd of June 2022 the US supreme court made the decision to overturn this. Instead, the decision of abortion rights is left to individual states to determine. 

What is the impact of this?

This decision allows for potential future bans which would have devastating affects, including major setbacks on maternal healthcare as well as reproductive rights.

How to find a clinic you can access nearby if in need of an abortion

Since Roe V Wade was overturned, it's been predicted that up to 26 states in the US could either put in place serious limitation or ban abortion altogether. If this is applied to your state there are a number of resources you can use in order to find clinics and funds. 

Abortion finder is a resource which you can apply your zip code, age and date of last period that will then provide you with information on what sort of abortion you'll likely need. On top of this it will inform you of what laws apply in your state and direct you to a clinic either in your area or a state nearby. Planned parenthood and I need an a are two other services you can use similarly to inform yourself and help find the support needed in your city. 

How can self-managed abortions be accessed?

Self-managing abortions from home can still be accessed with the help of a number of resources including Plan C.

Plan C can provide you with a database of online pharmacies and telemedicine services, giving you access to abortion pills via mail. 

Aid access provides for people that live in places where abortion is criminalised by connecting them to pharmacies in other countries that offers a mail service to send pills.

How else can we protect abortion rights?

Since Roe V Wade was overturned we have witnessed protests and rallies globally. This is an important way for us all to use our voices. In addition to this it's crucial that in upcoming local and state elections that people ensure they are voting for pro-choice leaders. If you want to provide immediate support then the most direct way to do this is donating money.

Where can I donate money to help people access abortion?

Planned parenthood

This institution provides a while range or services including contraception access, screenings, psychological services, natal support and counselling surrounding relationships, gender identity and sexual orientation. 

National black women's reproductive agenda

Founded in 2014, this organisation is specifically aimed to assist black women, who in the US are disproportionately affected by poverty. This also means that they are faced with a more significant gender-based wage gap when accessing abortion and reproductive care services.

Naral pro-choice America

NARAL is a non-profit charity that not only fights for abortion rights but also for accessible birth control, whilst fighting pregnancy discrimination. This includes challenging online disinformation, targeting traps that could potentially harm women in search for abortions and going undercover to unmask fake abortion clinics.

Center for reproductive rights

This service works across five countries in the US to protect women's bodies. They aid women in accessing safe abortions and defend reproductive justice. On top of this they also fight against child marriage and forced sterilisation.

Rape, abuse and incest national network

RAINN provides support for survivors of rape, incest and domestic violence who may be in need of abortion services after attacks. They offer counselling, psychological support and medical services. In addiction to this they help women to navigate their options surrounding abortion with a 24/7 confidential hotline and chat.