What is a sustainable influencer?

A sustainable influencer is someone who uses their online platform to promote sustainable and ethical lifestyle or fashion choices. This serves as a significant part of the journey towards a fairer and more planet friendly fashion world due to the huge influence social media has on consumers and their shopping habits. SO, we've compiled a list of our current fave influencers and activists who balance cool fashion with planet conscious lifestyles to inspire all of you to shop more responsibly...

5 sustainable fashion bloggers you need to follow

1)  @mikaelaloach 

At the age of just 24 Mikaela Loach is already one of the most informative climate activists to exist. Her ability to proactively fight for the future of our planet whilst midway through a medical degree is truly unbelievable. If you're looking to educate yourself on climate activism further, you're in the right place. Whether that be via her instagram, podcast or current campaign @paidtopollute which involves her taking the UK government to court...




2) Venetia La Manna

Venetia stands as one of the most influential ethical fashion campaigners in the UK and is a pro at calling out greenwashing! Not only does she use her platform to campaign for a more sustainable fashion world but also co-hosts the account @rememberwhomadethem - a page to raise awareness for garments workers and their rights!



3) Izzy Manuel

23 year old chemistry graduate Izzy shows us where dopamine dressing meets sustainable fashion! If you haven't come across her already it's about time you did. Izzy aims to enlighten others as to how they can dress sustainably without having to wear boring or repetitive clothes, as well as sharing easy tips to help her followers adopt more mindful shopping habits.




4) Tam (onestylishmoo)

Tam aka queen of charity shop thrifting is local to us in Brighton! Her wardrobe is proof of how you can follow on-trend looks without buying into fast fashion! Through her quirky styling she demonstrates that sustainable fashion can be trendy whilst at the same time beautifully conscious!



5) Jazmine Rogers (Theacurlytop) 

 Jazmine is a Black-Mexican sustainable fashion and lifestyle influencer from LA, educating her audience on environmental justice in a fun and positive way. She masters the art of rewearing (something we're big on at Ilk + Ernie) - showing us how to restyle your wardrobe to continually repeat outfits in new exciting ways all year round! 


We're always on the look out for more sustainable influencers - get in touch via instagram to let us know your personal faves! 💖