Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow

On the 8th of March each year falls the global holiday of international womxns day. Whilst this shines a light on all of the progress we've made towards gender equality so far, it's critical we also recognise what progress we're still waiting to see.

Why fast fashion is a womxns rights issue

Whilst there's no right way to support IWD, with female garment workers starting the occasion in 1908 - fashion seems an important place to start.

Over 100 years ago 15,000 garment workers marched through NYC in an attempt to fight for their write to vote, alongside better pay and shorter working hours. Today, millions of womxn working in fashions supply chain are still exploited. 

Garment workers stand as some of the most exploited people to walk this earth and with 85% of them being female, there's no denying this is a feminist issue.

How are femxle garment workers mistreated?

With the majority of garment workers being South eastern or Asian women, a lot of fashion brands are built on the foundations of exploiting black, brown and indigenous women. Many of these women are paid as little as £3 per hour, sometimes failure to meet the unbearably high quotas they're given can result in them not being paid at all.  

Not only are these womxn financially neglected, but physically too. The pressure they face to meet fast fashion deadlines is reported to lead to both physical and sexual abuse, which remain unreported due to fear.

How are Ilk + Ernie supporting female garment workers in 2022?

As an ethical and sustainable fashion brand, Ilk + Ernie was built on the premise of ensuring financial and physical care for garment workers. Our staff receive all of the amazing treatment that a lot of us take for granted: fair wages, holiday pay, health insurance, safe working environments and EU standard working hours. 

On top of this we aim to continually amplify the voices of garment workers everywhere in order to help spread awareness and influence people to take action.  

What can you do to support female garment workers?

Choose ethical fashion

With so many fashion brands not providing their workers with the safe and fair working conditions they deserve, it's important to look out for transparency. By choosing to shop with ethical brands you can ensure your purchase has been made by garment workers offered the treatment they deserve. 


There are countless charities you can donate to which support female garment workers. The Women and Girls Solidarity Fund offers emergency food packages and supplies such as toiletries.

Raise awareness

By drawing attention to the exploitation garment workers are subject to we can make it more difficult for fast fashion brands to keep their mistreatment behind closed doors.