What is transeasonal styling? 

As we transition from one season to the next, many times we fall under the false illusion that our wardrobe needs a switch up to. Not only is this exhausting but get's expensive too, right? If you haven't already heard this seasons buzzword, it's about time you did.

'Transeasonal' - four seasons, one wardrobe.

Transeasonal styling is a clever way of curating your wardrobe to dress you across seasons. The intention of transseasonal styling is for you to shop less and wear your clothes for longer. Because in sustainable fashion, less is more. Not only will this benefit your bank account, but more importantly our planet and it’s future too. 



Why is transeasonal styling so important?

We should all know longevity in the products we buy is key to an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Unfortunately the large corporations that do the most damage, didn’t seem to get the memo. The sad reality is that fast fashion brands like Zara produce a harrowing 25 collections a year, for just four seasons.

In contrast, small scale ethical fashion brands like Ilk + Ernie responsibly create just a few seasons a year. For one simple reason...that's all we need. This is because we design all our garments as transeasonal, a necessity for being able to wear your clothes all year round. 

Tips on transeasonal styling

1) layer, layer, layer.

As the colder days creep in we're all guilty of forgetting a lot of our garms in fear of not being warm enough, and in turn buying more. Rather than replacing your staple pieces, why not layer up instead? Wearing some long sleeves under your clothes or a knitted sweater over the top is an ideal way to keep yourself cosy as the temperature begins to drop.


'Organic Cotton Long-Sleeve Tee' - Organic Basics

2) Accessorise your outfits

Using a range of different accessories provides you with the chance to give your wardrobe the feel of a refresh, by allowing you to restyle your old fits into something new again. 


'Sustainable Scrunchie' - Ilk + Ernie

4) Think suits, jumpsuits & co-ords

No tran-seasonal wardrobe would be complete without a staple suit or jumpsuitTheir versatility means there’s plenty of room for layering, so you can wear them just about all year round. On top of this, their timeless design most definitely ensures longevity - they just never seem to go off trend. 


' Henley Suit ' - Ilk + Ernie  

4) Dress your feet

When the sunshine turns to snow trade in your sandals for a pair of heavy boots and combine your shorter sleeves with a cable knit jumper.


'Jenny Boots' - Nae 

Your essential guide to transeasonal styling

If you're looking for more tips on tran-seasonal fashion and want to see some visual style inspo, you can check out our tran-seasonal editorial shoot here.