We delved into this subject recently, because we think on some level there is still a misunderstanding when it comes to the link between global warming and fast fashion.

In fact, it's worth considering whether many people understand/have bothered to understand what fast fashion actually is. That's where the above statement comes in. 

Sure, it’s great to bag a bargain, we’ve been raised with that mindset, BUT it is almost impossible to avoid the facts that have been SO present in the media over the past 18 months (though it’s more like 7 years). Fast fashion is bad. If you don’t understand what fast fashion represents it’s the £3 t-shirt.

'Fast fashion is killing the planet with the clothes industry producing 92 million tonnes of waste and consuming 1.5 trillion tonnes of water a year — and British shoppers are the most wasteful' 

Thaaaat's right! It's us, the UK. This tiny little island that we all love and most of the time, deem innocent, is the worst country on the planet for fashion over consumption. In the UK, more garments are bought per person per year than anywhere else in Europe — to an astonishing 59 lbs worth in weight. Quite frankly, it's disgusting.

Wake up.

Those two words could not be more relevant when it comes to fashions connection to global warming. Fashion is responsible for 10% off the worlds green house emissions, clothing is now produced on such a large scale that's it's literally aiding to the destruction of our atmosphere. 

Then we have our garment workers, who's working conditions are so bad, they have become some of the most vulnerable people on the planet. They are mistreated and exploited beyond belief. This culture of mistreatment is an injustice that the fashion industry has yet to fully address. Until the world demands change, we won’t see any. 

Why is the UK so bad?

Our economy is up shit creek and has been for some time. So we understand that it’s a lot to expect the people who have been effected by our dwindling economy the most, to spend money on garments they can’t afford. Ethical fashion has a higher price point. But until major fashion brands start paying their workers fairly so that the standards are raised, we won’t see a shift in ethical fashions price point. Ethical brands pay more because we want more for the people who make fashion possible. 

However, It is EVERY single persons responsibility to demand better from the fashion industry. If you love fashion, then love it and support it all the way through, otherwise you’re supporting global warming, polluted rivers, mistreated and exploited garment workers and essentially the continual destruction of our planet.

A final thought....

We need to get a handle on our shopping habits in the country. It's just not acceptable to be buying garments at the rate that we do. We need to SLOOOOOW DOWN. It's just plain selfish to think that buying an outfit every weekend is acceptable behaviour, because it's not. If you haven’t worked out by now that fast fashion and global warming are linked, educate yourself, the world is more important than your £3 t-shirt.